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Welcome to IAA's Document Center
About the Database

This database contains a wide variety of up-to-date and historical professional information concerning Israel's antitrust law.

The database includes, in part or in full, significant General Director’s decisions (rulings on restrictive arrangements, mergers, monopolies, etc.), relevant Antitrust Tribunal and court decisions, various pieces of legislation that have been enacted over the years, and assorted antitrust publications.

In the event of a discrepancy between the material provided on this service and material published in the official printed publication in Hebrew, only the latter shall be deemed correct.

We hope you find this database useful. Any questions regarding the database may be sent by e-mail to the database content manager at

Recent Developments
15 Jun. 2011
Annual Report on Competition Policy Developments in Israel: 2010

31 May. 2010
Annual Report on Competition Policy Developments in Israel: 2009

16 Dec. 2009
AT 801/08 Bezeq, The Israel Telecomm. Corp. v. Gen. Dir., ATTRIB

13 Dec. 2009
Re: Ackerstein Indus. Ltd. - Netivei Noy Ltd. (Objection to Merger)

25 Oct. 2009
Re: Kinneret ZBM Dvir Ltd. & Kibbutz Hameuchad Publishing & Siman Kri’a Society (Exemption of Restrictive Arrangement)

Recent Press Releases
27 Mar. 2011
The Amplification Cartel: The Court Orders a Two Month Prison Sentence for the Manager of Betty Bam

16 Nov. 2010
The General Director of the Israel Antitrust Authority (the “IAA”), Ronit Kan, today notified the Minister of Industry, Trade & Labor, Benjamin (Fouad) Ben-Eliezer that she wishes to conclude her tenure as the General Director of the IAA

15 Nov. 2010
The General Director of the Israel Antitrust Authority has granted a conditional exemption to a restrictive arrangement between the IATA and the airlines

04 Nov. 2009
IAA Publishes Grounds for Decision Not to Exempt Restrictive Arrangements between El Al and Several Foreign Airlines

01 Jun. 2009
The Israel Antitrust Authority will hold a hearing for Supersal and its senior managers Mr. Rosenhois and Mr. Gidor, before deciding whether to indict due to merger condition violations and an attempted restrictive arrangement

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